The Fragility of Online Archives | The State of Cinema | by Flavia Dima, Films in Frame, 7/21/2022

I was all the happier, then, when I read Vanity Fair’s article on the Missing Movies collective, founded this year – which, though it has adopted a fairly small number of mostly American films for now (though it announces that it wants to expand into other territories), proposes a model of film lobbying that would make it easier to digitally watch an out-of-print/distribution film through legal channels.

Cinematic Treasures Are Disappearing. That’s Where Missing Movies Comes In | by Donald Liebenson, Vanity Fair, 7/11/2022

A consortium of film artists and professionals is working to save great films that have fallen into obscurity, one reel at a time.

‘We can’t afford to lose them’: the fight to bring missing movies back | by Noah Gittell, The Guardian, 3/7/2022

Films such as The Heartbreak Kid and I Shot Andy Warhol remain unavailable on any platform but a new initiative is aiming to change that.

Missing Movies | by Pamela Hutchinson, Sight and Sound, April/2022

A noble endeavour which should correct distortions in our view of film history

Missing Movies Is Determined to Democratize Independent Film Preservation | by Samantha Bergeson, Indiewire, 2/4/2022

Exclusive: The organization sets out to deconstruct the gatekeeping around film preservation in a post-VHS world.